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Preacher Training Center


A tried and proven formula


The combination of the features, mission, and heritage of the Norris Bible Baptist Seminary is what makes it a one-of-a-kind preacher training center. It was established in 1984 to largely mirror the Bible Baptist Seminary of Fort Worth (which had its beginning in 1939 as Fundamental Baptist Bible Institute) under the leadership of Dr. J. Frank Norris and Dr. Louis Entzminger. It was committed to teaching the whole English Bible and instilling within its students a fervency for evangelism, worldwide church planting, doctrinal and practical preaching fully in keeping with the historic Baptist faith. 


Both Norris and Entziminger, in spite of having been educated in the typical fashion of denominational schools (Norris having graduated at the top of his class in seminary), felt their approach was an improvement. 


Characteristically, seminaries were not only postgraduate schools. A basic definition of the term seminary is "a college that prepares students to be ministers." A legal definition for it is: "a place of education. Any school, academy, college, or university in which persons are  instructed for their future employ-ments." Historically, they have been schools of specialization.


In keeping with this, a preacher training institution is also a vocational school where "education or training are directed at a particular occupation and its skills." The term vocational is especially applicable because men are to enter the ministry as a calling from God.


NBBS is a ministry of the Independent Baptist Fellowship International of Fort Worth, Texas. The IBFI is a group of some 500 churches who jointly support missionaries; many of these churches also support the Seminary. 

NBBS Leadership





Feel free to give us a call at 817.367.3422 x 100

Jonathan J. Stewart

NBBS President

Hogue, Heath_edited_edited.jpg

Heath Hogue

NBBS Alumni President

IBFI Leadership

Picture of Dr. Raymond Barber

Dr. Raymond

W. Barber

NBBS Chancellor/IBFI President - Emeritus

Pastor Eric Crawford, IBFI President.jpg

Pastor Eric Crawford

IBFI President

Pastor David Grice. IBFI Vice-President.jpg

Pastor David Grice

IBFI Vice President

Tyler Gillit Blue BG_edited.jpg

Pastor Tyler Gillit

IBFI Secretary

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