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Red books, Spurgeon's Treasury of David volumes 1, 2, 3, 4
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"Having surrendered to preach at 35 years of age, my pastor encouraged me to attend NBBS. When I arrived, I found that I was neither the youngest nor the oldest student. I was impressed with the fact that pastors were my teachers. I was taught the KJV Bible from Genesis to Revelation by men who loved it and lived it. I have always been thankful for the enlightenment, education and encouragement I received as a student at Norris. Many of my instructors have continued to mentor me during my twenty plus years as a pastor. When asked what school I recommend for ministry training, without hesitation I recommend the NBBS to young and old alike! There may be bigger, but there is none better!"


(Glen Anderson, 1994 graduate of NBBS and presently the alumni president. Pastor of the Pensacola Baptist Temple, Pensacola Florida since 2000; formerly pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church, Mesquite, TX 1994-2000.)


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You Only Have One Chance to Lay a Foundation!
  • 44 of the 48 classes (92%) are Bible, Theology, and Church Ministry Courses within a 4-Year Program

    Including about Twice the Amount of Bible Courses that other Bible Colleges Typically Offer


  • Teaching the Whole English Bible Consecutively

    Studying the Books of the Bible in Order – Establishing the Old Testament Basis before Moving into the New Testament (as opposed to indiscriminately studying portions of the Bible as other schools do in their courses of related study)


  • Fully Committed to the Historic Baptist Distinctives

    NBBS Holds to the Body of Truth which has Characterized Baptists though the Centuries


  • A “Preacher-Training-Preachers” Approach to Teaching

    Preachers from Across the Metroplex Make Up the Faculty (who is better suited to train preachers than preachers?)  while Preachers’ Wives Teach the Specialized Women’s Courses


  • A Week of Concentrated Study Each Semester

    Regular Classes are Suspended for a Week While Sessions are Conducted on Vital Ministry-Related Subjects


  • Classes Conducted Tuesday through Friday – 7:00 AM-1:10 PM

    This, and the Feature Below, Give a Student More Flexibility to Work


  • Same-Day, Single-Subject, Double Lecture Class Structure

    Both Lectures of a Given Course are Given the Same Day (either before or after chapel) Rather than Two Different Days of the Week


  • 37.5 Hours of Actual Instruction in Each Class, on Every Subject of Study, During a Semester

    (Total factors in a 10 minute break taken within the 16 weekly 2.5 hour class time.)  The 37.5 hour total does not include the Week of Concentrated Study.


  • Daily Chapel

    Preachers from Across the Metroplex, as Well as the State, Nation, or from the Mission Field, Regularly Preach in Chapel


  • Student Preaching Opportunities in Chapel

    ​​​Every Semester Each Preacher in Training will have Upwards to 3 Opportunities to Preach in Chapel


  • Low Overall Cost

    Wives of Full-time Ministerial Students Go Tuition Free


  • Texas Economy is One of Healthiest in the Nation which Makes it Easier to Find a Good Paying Job While in School


  • Supporting Network of Pastors and Churches Already in Place – Via Faculty and the Several Hundred Churches Teaming Up with the IBFI

    Key for Graduates Going to the Mission Field Needing Monthly Support


  • There are Numerous Churches in the DFW Metroplex in which a Student Can Get "Hands on Training" in All Aspects of Church Ministry Bible School Students are Often Very Highly Esteemed by Churches and Their Involvement is Therefore Warmly Received 


  • Alumni Largely Represented in the Faculty and School Leadership

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