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Jonathan J. Stewart, President
Eric Crawford, Faculty


"Those things, which ye have both learned, and received,

and heard, and seen in me, do" Philippians 4:9

You are the same person you were yesterday except

for the people you meet and the books you read

Pastor Eric Crawford

Retired Pastor Gary Cox
Missionary Lee Davis
Missionary Zack Doty
Pastor Fred Ferren
Pastor Matthew Gage
Mrs. Angela Grice
Pastor David E. Grice


Pastor James R. Hamilton
Pastor Frank Hefner
Mrs. Althea Hymer
Missionary Jacob Luman
Missionary John Peeples


Mrs. Shirley Peeples
Missionary Tony Roa
Missionary Philip D. Sawilowsky
Evangelist Jonathan J. Stewart
Mrs. Laralita J. Stewart
Pastor Claude Sutton
Retired Pastor Willie Weaver, Evangelist
Pastor Charles W. Wetherbee
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