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"Norris Bible Baptist Seminary is a great choice for those going into the ministry. Specializing in the training of preachers, and having the Bible (KJV) as the primary curriculum, one can get a solid foundation for the ministry by getting grounded doctrinally. Instructors, who are pastors and missionaries, 'make for a great hands on experience' in the classroom. They also provide life long friendships, support and counsel. I am proud to call Norris Bible Baptist Seminary my school. I pray you will consider it as you seek God's direction for your life and prepare to serve Him."  


(Dale Harris, 2003 graduate of NBBS, pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Jacksonville, TX.)


Singular in Focus | More Thorough | Cost Effective

Doing One Thing and Doing It Well


The singular ambition of NBBS is to train pastors and missionaries, as well as women for church ministry, in the most thorough and cost-effective manner as possible. We strive to do one thing, and to do it well. We are on a mission to specialize.


Not only does the school year start sooner, and classes are longer and more in depth than those of most Bible colleges, but they are taught by pastors (and their wives) who are active in church ministry.


The student first gets an overview of the Bible his freshman year by way of the courses Old and New Testament Survey, World History Overview and Biblical Structures. This is followed – throughout the four year program – with chapter-by-chapter (expositional) study through the books of the Bible in the order in which they are found. First, the Old Testament books, then the New Testament ones. Specific areas of focus are also entered into, such as Creationism, the Tabernacle, and Bible Study Methods.


In the area of theology, the freshman gets an overview of the 14 major areas of doctrine. He then enters more fully into the Doctrine of God. Then it is on to the Doctrine of the Bible, which includes an in depth look at the Bible translation issue and the superior features of the KJV to all other English translations. As the student progresses he covers the rest of the fourteen areas, including singular courses on the Doctrine of the Christ, the Doctrine of the Church and the Doctrine of the End TImes.


In other words, in both Biblical and theological study, the student is going over a subject, layer by layer, deeper each time through, thereby repeatedly reviewing what was already covered while adding new information.


All of this, with several church ministry courses and eight weeks of concentrated study, as well as some 500 chapel messages over a four year period (information, instruction and inspiration), is in conjunction with the training and teaching one gets serving under a pastor with his staff at his own church.

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