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"I commend you to God, and to the word of his grace, which is able to build you up" Acts 20:32
There is a difference in the books that men make, and the Book that makes men
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Bible Major/Pastoral Minor


The Pastoral Minor program of study would also be clearly applicable to the role of the associate or assistant pastor. This is where it is especially key that these courses are taught by pastors. Men who are "doing it" even while they are in the role of teaching. If the actual 20 Bible classes have the 4 Bible Background classes added to them, then half of the 48 courses are in Bible! All but four of the remaining ones are in theology or practical church ministry.

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Bible Major/Missions Minor


The Missions Minor program of study is identical to the pastoral program except it has two additional classes in missions, making a total of four on the subject. These two are in place of the Apologetics and Tabernacle courses (which may also be taken if the student so desires). Obviously the Book of Acts, and numerous aspects to the Epistles are missions in topic. Further, there is an annual missions conference style of chapels for a week in the spring semester, every year, in addition to the missionaries who preach in chapel.

Bible Major/Youth Min. Minor


The Youth Director's Minor program of study is identical to the pastoral program except for two additional courses, Youth Directorship I and II. These are in place of Missions II and Church Planting courses (which may be taken also if the student so desires). The view is, that Youth Directors are typically also preachers, even often ordained ministers, and that they largely do pastoral type ministry in their youth directorship in a church. Many youth directors ultimately become pastors if not also serving as assistant pastors while being youth directors.


"Norris Bible Baptist Seminary is my school. The 'preachers-training-preachers' approach helped prepare me for the ministry, and now allows me, as a faculty member, to fulfill II Timothy 2:2 through more than just the church I pastor. The faculty of local pastors has been a constant help and encouragement in the ministry, throughout these many years. The Bible-saturated course of study is exactly what the serious-minded student needs, no matter where God has called him to serve. Norris graduates are serving faithfully around the world, and it's exciting to be part of that distinguished group."

(David E. Grice, 2002 graduate of NBBS, faculty member at NBBS and founding pastor of the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Grand Prairie, TX since 2003.)

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Bible Major/Church
Ministry Minor (Women)


The Church Ministry Minor program of study is designed for women who are, or who likely will be married to a preacher. There are seven specialized courses for a woman who will be serving alongside of a husband, or even as a single woman doing ministry within a church, on the mission field, or among women in general.

Bible Major/Associates Degree (Men or Women)


The Church Ministry Associates Degree of Study is as the Church Ministry Minor program of study for men or women who cannot attend for four years. It still provides a BIblical and theological field of study accentuated by church ministry courses either related to men, or women–married or single.

One Year Bible Certificate


The One Year Bible Certificate is for a church member who wants to know more about the Bible so that he or she can better teach or witness to others of Christ. It is also the bare minimum for the woman who can only get through 12 courses of study while her husband is preparing for the ministry.

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