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BIBLE MAJOR/Church Ministry Minor (Women)

Lady leading a Bible Study group
Course Program
18/20 of 48 Courses - Bible (40-42%)

6 of 48 Courses - Specialized (12.5%)

6 of 48 Courses - Ministry (12.5%)

7 of 48 Courses - Theology (15%)

3/4 of 48 Courses - Bible Background (6-8%)

4 of 48 Courses - English (8%)

2/4 of 48 Courses - Missions (4-8%)

1 of 48 Courses - Elective



Hands-On Training through Your Church


"I felt guilty and then convicted for listening to blasphemy during my religious courses at a university. Never have I heard my Lord, and His Word, chewed up and spit out so profusely. I decided one day I would not go back to class. I prayed and thought hard about my life. I decided I needed to find a school that taught the truth about the Bible. Bro. Stewart directed me to Norris, and I cherish every mo-ment I attended. The wisdom of the pastors teaching the classes is as that of the great preachers of the past." 


Connie (Richey) Cousins is a 2001 graduate and is an active member of Victory Baptist Church in Weatherford, TX.

Freshmen Year Fall

Old Testament Survey

Pentateuch I (Genesis)

Biblical Structure

Bible Doctrine OVW & Theo Proper

Life Skills

English Grammar

Freshmen Year Spring

New Testament Survey

Pentateuch II (Exodus–Deuteronomy)

Bible Doctrine II (Bibliology – KJV)

Personal Evangelism

Christian Womanhood

English Grammar II

Sophomore Year Fall

Historical Books I (Joshua–Samuel) 

Poetical Books (Job–Song of Solomon) 

Bible Study Methods

Teaching  Children I

Great Women of the Bible & Ch. History

English Composition & Literature I

Sophomore Year Spring

Historical Books II (Kings–Esther)

Bible Doctrine IV (Ecclesiology)


Teaching Children II

The Family

English Composition & Literature II

Junior Year Fall

Life of Christ I 

Bible Doctrine V (Christology) 

World Religions & Cults 

Creation Science

Missions I (History)

Fundamentals of Church Music

Junior Year Spring

Life of Christ II

Missions II (Biblical Basis)

Tabernacle/Missions III (Cross Cultural)

Christian Ethics

Apologetics/Missions IV (Dep. & Promo)


Senior Year Fall



Church History

World History Overview 

Pastor's Wife


Senior Year Spring

Pastoral Epistles (Cor., Thess., Tim., Titus)

Prison Epistles (Eph., Phil., Col., Phlm.)

General Epistles (Hebrews–Jude)


Church Business Administration

Bible Doctrine VI (Eschatology)

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