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BIBLE MAJOR/Missions Minor

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Course Program

20 of 48 Courses - Bible (40%)

10 of 48 Courses - Ministry (21%)

8 of 48 Courses - Theology (19%)

3 of 48 Courses - Bible Background (4%)

4 of 48 Courses - English (8%)

4 of 48 Courses - Missions (8%)



Hands-On Training through Your Church

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"After I was called to preach, my Pastor Chris Boatman told me about the Norris Bible Baptist Institute, the school from which he graduated. He said it was preach-ers training preachers program of study. Which is exactly what I wanted. I also read a statement in one of their brochures which has stuck with me all these years, it said “For those who are serious about the ministry.” I thought that any man who has been called into God's service should be serious about it! I recall that in the first week of school, every teacher so lifted up the Word of God, that I questioned if I had the same book that they had. This comes from preachers who have studied and faithfully stood for the Word of God through the years. I am indebted to those men who sacrificed their time to pass down the truths of the Bible to me."


(Scott Holcomb is a 2007 graduate, missionary to Croatia since 2009.)  

Freshmen Year Fall

Old Testament Survey

Pentateuch I (Genesis)

Biblical Structure

Bible Doctrine OVW & Theo Proper

Life Skills

English Grammar

Freshmen Year Spring

New Testament Survey

Pentateuch II (Exodus–Deuteronomy)

Bible Doctrine II (Bibliology – KJV)

Personal Evangelism

World History Overview

English Grammar II

Sophomore Year Fall

Historical Books I (Joshua–Samuel) 

Poetical Books (Job–Song of Solomon) 

Prophetical Books I (Isaiah–Jeremiah) 

Bible Doctrine III (Angelology, Anthro-            pology, Hamartiology, Soteriology) 

Bible Study Methods

English Composition & Literature I

Sophomore Year Spring

Historical Books II (Kings–Esther)

Prophetical Books II (Ezekiel–Malachi)

Bible Doctrine IV (Ecclesiology)



English Composition & Literature II

Junior Year Fall

Life of Christ I 

Bible Doctrine V (Christology) 

World Religions & Cults 

Creation Science

Missions I (History)

Fundamentals of Church Music

Junior Year Spring

Life of Christ II

Christian Ethics

Missions II (Biblical Basis)

Missions III (Cross Cultural)

Missions IV (Deputation and Promotion)


Senior Year Fall



Church History 

Church Planting 

Pastoral Theology/Workshop 

Church Polity

Senior Year Spring

Pastoral Epistles (Cor., Thess., Tim., Titus)

Prison Epistles (Eph., Phil., Col., Phlm.)

General Epistles (Hebrews–Jude)


Church Business Administration

Bible Doctrine VI (Eschatology)

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