BIBLE MAJOR/Youth Ministry Minor

Youth ministry minor
Course Program

20 of 48 Courses - Bible (42%)

11 of 48 Courses - Ministry (25%)

8 of 48 Courses - Theology (17%)

4 of 48 Courses - Bible Background (8%)

4 of 48 Courses - English (8%)

1 of 48 Courses - Missions (2%)



Hands-On Training through Your Church

Freshmen Year Fall

Old Testament Survey

Pentateuch I (Genesis)

Biblical Structure

Bible Doctrine OVW & Theo Proper

Life Skills

English Grammar

Freshmen Year Spring

New Testament Survey

Pentateuch II (Exodus–Deuteronomy)

Bible Doctrine II (Bibliology – KJV)

Personal Evangelism

World History Overview

English Grammar II

Sophomore Year Fall

Historical Books I (Joshua–Samuel) 

Poetical Books (Job–Song of Solomon) 

Prophetical Books I (Isaiah–Jeremiah) 

Bible Doctrine III (Angelology, Anthro-            pology, Hamartiology, Soteriology) 

Bible Study Methods

English Composition & Literature I

Sophomore Year Spring

Historical Books II (Kings–Esther)

Prophetical Books II (Ezekiel–Malachi)

Bible Doctrine IV (Ecclesiology)



English Composition & Literature II

Junior Year Fall

Life of Christ I 

Bible Doctrine V (Christology) 

World Religions & Cults 

Creation Science

Missions I (History)

Fundamentals of Church Music

Junior Year Spring

Life of Christ II


Christian Ethics

Apologetics (inc. Bib. Archeology)

Youth Directorship I


Senior Year Fall



Church History 

Youth Directorship II

Pastoral Theology/Workshop 

Church Polity

Senior Year Spring

Pastoral Epistles (Cor., Thess., Tim., Titus)

Prison Epistles (Eph., Phil., Col., Phlm.)

General Epistles (Hebrews–Jude)


Church Business Administration

Bible Doctrine VI (Eschatology)