Various scholarships are available through the school. In addition to this, many

churches, help students who are actively serving in their church, with their school bill.



Ray Richey Attendance Scholarship​

All full-time students (4 or more classes) receiving the Ray Richey Attendance Scholarship for the fall semester (2019), will have their tuition fully paid if they have perfect attendance. The student may lose up to 15% of the scholarship if he misses any class three times (5% for missing a class one time, 10% for missing a class two times). Hence the student would not be responsible for more than 15%. The spring semester will be contingent on the student completing the fall semester courses with a "C" or above grade. Tuition does not include the $125.00 registration fee and the cost of books needed for the courses (books are sold for "cost" to the students – the school makes no money on the sale of books to students). This provision is being made by a longtime supporter of the NBBS who has invested in the training of preachers at the school in various ways since its early days.

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